About Me

All of my life I have always tried to express myself in many creative ways.  It began in my childhood with dance and drawing.  Over the years I have worked creatively in many mediums from oil paint on canvas, watercolors, needlepoint, even creative writing.   I have also had a lifelong appreciation of flowers and I love to grow and cultivate many types.  
I have emphatically studied the life and works of Georgia O’Keeffe and she has influenced my work to a great extent.   Not only because of her large floral paintings, but her style and her love of nature.   Her art made a connection with me immediately from the first time I discovered her.
In the meantime, I was constantly fascinated by anything glass.  I used to collect antique glassware and learned as much as I could about it.   But, I was especially drawn to stained glass windows and have extensively studied the works of Frank Lloyd Wright.  His style speaks to me every time I look at one of his stained glass windows.  So, when I decided to learn how to create stained glass artwork for myself,  I was hooked.  From the very first project I felt I had finally found my creative voice. 
Someone once asked me what is my favorite part of the process.   I had a hard time answering with just one thing.  I love the design process, the choosing of art glass, the cutting and scoring of glass, the construction of a piece to finally cleaning and polishing the piece and then hanging it up in a window for the first time and seeing the light come through it.
I have a third-floor attic studio in my home in S.E. Nebraska and spend many hours every day in this creative space.   I do custom pieces for clients, but I also design and create projects in which I want to express something personally.


2 Patron Awards at Smoky Hill River Fest, 2019

3 Patron Awards at Mulvane Art Fair, 2019

1st Place in 3D Category at Olathe Station Art Fair, 2018

Best in Category at Art in Bayfront Park, 2016

6 Patron Awards at Mulvane Art Fair, 2016

3 Patron Awards at Mulvane Art Fair, 2015

KLKN Choice Award at Lincoln Arts Festival, 2014

2nd Place in Glass Category at Colorado Art Fest, 2014

1st Place in 3D Category at Olathe Arts Festival, 2013